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All posters copyright of the Church Stretton Local History Group

A2 Esther Bridgman nee Robinson.jpg
A2 William Bridgman.jpg
A2 Welcome Middle Poster.jpg
A2 Workhouse Building.jpg
A2 Summary.jpg
A2 Workhouse Staff Poster.jpg
A4 laminated poster of the all three buildings.jpg
A4 The Workhouse Infirmary poster  designed in A2 format but to print in A4.jpg
A4 laminated poster of the Main Building.jpg
A2 History Of The Poor Laws.jpg
A3 Hannah Minton.jpg
A3 Mary Jane Minton.jpg
A2 Disability Poster.jpg
A2 Vagrants.jpg
A2 Children In the Workhouse.jpg
A2 Dietary and Clothing Definitions.jpg
A2 Children In the Workhouse Some Didn't Fare Very Well.jpg
A2 Clothing.jpg
A1 Poster 1881 Workhouse Census Files.jpg
Exhibition Leaflet-1.jpg
Exhibition Leaflet-2.jpg

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